Pumpkin Speculoos Ice Cream & Thanksgiving

Posted by Nina on Dec 2, 2009

I’ve tested out some gingerbread cake without much success.. I am unsure if it was my oven, my baking dish, the ingredients I purchased or all of the above but it wasn’t love at first bite.. however this pumpkin speculoos ice cream was! It is thick, rich, and creamy and tastes like heaven! I wish I had served this for Thanksgiving dinner instead of the pie! It tastes a lot like a dairy version of pumpkin pie ice cream I had once with the richness of Ben & Jerrys! I can’t give you the recipe as it’s a tester for Celine & Joni’s new cookbook.

Thanksgiving was wonderful. I made tofurky & gravy, rolls, green beans, pumpkin cheese cake, cranberry sauce, and lots of other yummy things I am sure I’ve forgotten to mention. We forgot to take photos of the food! After we ate Gramma turned to me and said “you know, everything was beautiful and tasted great but no one took any pictures”.. doh! After that we had to take Bella in for her routine dental cleaning but then we found that she’s got a few teeth that need to come out and we were referred to a pet dental specialist and she goes on Thursday. 🙁

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Wow, that looks GOOD.

December 3rd, 2009 | 1:43 am
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