Road Trip!!

Posted by Nina on Aug 31, 2006

All the bags are packed, the laptop has been updated with all the necessary files, and all that we are waiting on is for the working day to be over so we can get under way for our anniversary vacation. One full week of pure luxury! I cannot wait! All that is left is to grab dinner and run.

NOTE: To those of you who do not understand how some of us feel like our pets are our children.. move on to the next paragraph.
I hate the thought of leaving Bella for a full week 🙁 I have never left her for that long before.. and to say that she is very attached to me is the understatement of the year. She has anxiety when I leave her so I try to take her with me every where I possibly can.. this time I just can’t.. We are leaving her with my gramma with Ruff, E-V, and Putin (the cat)… She will have someone who will love on her endlessly, throw her ball until she falls over from exhaustion, and a huge back yard to play in.. oh and yes, her very own size swimming pool! I know she will be well taken care of.. but like a good mommy, I am still worried she will be uncomfortable with out us. Grandma says she usually is ok during the day but she looks for me when shes ready for bed (just like at home).. but I am absolutely positive she will have the time of her life at grammas.

I have packed a sweater, 3 or 4 tops, 2 pairs of jeans, 1 pair of dress pants, 4 pair of shoes, and jewelery.. I am thinking of trying on another semi-fancy pants suit just in case.. but then I also know my husband is going to say.. “we aren’t going for that long!! you don’t need so many clothes!!” and he is absolutely right.. but WHAT IF?! I am a Virgo, I can’t help but over plan.. get over it 🙂 I will try to update when I can with pics. So until we meet again..


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