Grandma’s 80th Birthday Quilt!!

Posted by Nina on Sep 1, 2011


August 16th is my Grandmother’s 80th birthday.. 80 is a big deal! She’s been an amazing mother to me my entire life, she’s taught me so many wonderful things, wiped away all of my tears, given me unmeasurable love & compassion.. she’s my rock.. I love her more than anything in the world (well my husband & Bella also of course!).. she mentioned once that she’s never really had a quilt.. she has one my aunt (her sister) made for her, but it was not piece work.. it was a printed quilt kit that mimics the look of piece work.. and she’s used it until its ragged and tatty.. but it’s blue.. her favorite color is red.

I though that since she was turning 80 this year, she deserved nothing but the very best… a beautiful quilt all her own.. so I set out to make her one.. one as beautiful as she tells me everything I make is.. but this one would be her very own! When she opened it she said “what is it? oh, it’s a blanket!” and I said “a blanket!? no… it’s a quilt…” she still didn’t quite get it… until I said “you know I made that right??” her response was “YOU MADE THAT?!” I think she likes it.. 🙂 Now what I really hope is she will use it… she promises she will but so far she just unfolds it to look at it and packs it away… I hope when fall comes it becomes a regular sofa & bed accessory!!



This is the second quilt I’ve sent off to Donna for quilting.. as always she quilted beautifully.. I chose a Linda V. Taylor hummingbird design as Grandma is very fond of hummingbirds.. she’s always said “hummingbirds are the mos perfect little things in the world”.. so that’s what she’s got! Quilt photographed on a queen sized bed… Grandma’s bed is a twin.

I will admit.. I am a little sad the quilt is gone because it really is so pretty.. but I am thrilled it made her so happy and that I will get to visit it from time to time! I enjoyed making it too! I think I will make one for myself in nice, bright colors! I did the applique in a taupe silk to match the background fabric and Donna matched that color for the quilting. The back of the quilt is a red check (red and ivory plaid) and the binding is a solid red.

Pattern: Tisket Tasket by Black Mountain Quilts
Fabric: Collections for a Cause: Faith for Moda
Pieced & Bound by: Nina Stoma
Quilted by: Donna Francis
Completed: August 11, 2011

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