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Posted by Nina on Aug 16, 2011


Lately I have been obsessed with cute recipe boxes! When I was a kid I remember playing with my Grandma’s recipe folder… she didn’t use a box but just a regular old green folder with pockets where she stuck newspaper recipes, clippings from the back of food boxes, and the good family recipes as well as a few of her own.. and through the years she raved about my Aunt Macel’s coconut cake.. one recipe she amazingly didn’t own.

Aunt Macel was an amazing cook.. she was terribly diabetic and one bite of anything sweet put her in the hospital so she couldn’t even test her seasonings but somehow they were always perfect.. the only problem was.. I had never been around when she made this cake and she passed away in the late 80’s so she was not around to ask any longer.. but Grandma loved this cake.. so since today is Grandma’s 80th birthday, I decided I would hunt for a recipe that Grandma and I together could tweak to taste something like Aunt Macel’s.

Together Grandma and I recreated an amazing cake that Grandma really loved. She said it looked and tasted exactly like Aunt Macel’s and she couldn’t stop eating it! I’m sure she was there in spirit guiding us as we hung around the kitchen and giggled! Sorry, I will not be sharing the recipe we used since our recipe is ultra tweaked and it was really all done by trial and error with someone who had the recipe.. but it was much like a frosted pound cake… to which I am sure you already own a recipe for! 🙂 Anyway… I’m sure Aunt Macel would be thrilled that we still think of her.. and of course that Grandma was so infatuated with her coconut cake that she’s raved about it for decades! I do have a pound cake recipe from Aunt Macel which I cherish.

Happy 80th Birthday Grandma! I hope you had a wonderful time! I really enjoyed myself and I really, really hope you will use that quilt I made you! (watch for another blog post for photos!)

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