I’m going to be a farmer’s wife!!

Posted by Nina on Sep 6, 2011


Unless you’ve been living under a rock you’ve no doubt heard somebody talk about the Farmer’s Wife quilt and the quilt-a-long… If you have lived under above mentioned rock, please see this link.. As you have probably already known, I really love just about everything Camille makes.. her quilts, her patterns, her babies!, you name it.. if she’s touched it.. I love it. She and I share the same color & pattern passions and she has 3 adorable baby boys!! Go visit her site.. I’ll wait.

Now, I had heard about the quilt-a-long and until I saw her pieces, I didn’t feel the need to make one of my own.. but now it’s become an obsession!! Grandma called to let me know she was ready to order my birthday gifts from my wishlist!! She really loves internet shopping because she doesn’t have to hunt for the perfect thing and deal with the crowds at check out.. so I casually mentioned about the Farmer’s Wife book and how cool it was that it actually has little clips of letters people wrote to the newspaper from the 1920’s when it asked “would you want your daughter to marry a farmer?”. She told me “ok and go pick some of your fabric too!” So I picked the Strawberry Fields by Fig Tree (because I have wanted to make something with their fabrics for ages!!) fat quarter bundle.

So.. there you have it. I’m going to be a Strawberry Farmer’s Wife!!

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