Handspun Toasts

Posted by Nina on Sep 11, 2011

This time last year I was knitting my thorpe in this roving that I picked just for that project.. to my dismay I found that I have an inability to spin thick yarns and thorpe was meant to be knit in a bulky yarn while my yarn was worsted at best.. so I had some left overs! 182.3yrds to be exact! I tucked it away for the perfect project.. at the time I was thinking mittens until I found a pattern called toasts.

If you have not seen toasts knit in handspun, then you must go here right now!!!! They are amazingly little simple wrist cuffs that you can pull down into fingerless mitts if you like.. I had to have a pair! I just simply cast on and knit until I was out of yarn. They stretch from thumb to elbow but I prefer them just slouched down a little. I added gentle shaping by increasing my needle size as I knit rather than adding stitches for the increased length.

I love them! I never want to take them off!

P.S. before you ask about the ring .. it was a Renaissance Fest find that my husband bought me.. I have no idea who made it or where you could find one like it, sorry. 🙁

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