November in Review!

Posted by Nina on Dec 18, 2010

When I was dating my husband he went to Minsk to visit his family.. and while he was gone I went shopping at a local yarn store and by chance I looked over and saw a magazine that said “Russian Lace” and I ran over and bought it and the yarn to make the beautiful scarf/stole..

You might remember that this scarf came up missing and I had decided to start over.. well low and behold, it is finally finished! It is breathtakingly beautiful, delicate, and so very soft! It is everything I had hoped it would be and more! It just might be the most beautiful thing I have ever knit.
For a while now everyone was telling me that I should get a hot water bottle to keep myself warm during the winter… so I finally did! I designed this really adorable cozy for it out of some red acrylic yarn.

I love how the heart cables are off set by the cute little heart pull ties. It helps keep the water inside warm and hopefully will keep me from getting burned if left on a spot for long periods of time. I would recommend using acrylic over wool for this type of thing because if you use it while you’re ill you might find you need to toss it into the washing machine from time to time.

I’ve been a Twinkie Chan fan for a little while now and I eagerly pre-ordered her book especially for this scarf! When it came I cast on right away and finished the scarf in just a couple days! I had 2 shades of red acrylic and this Red Heart Baby Cloud yarn on hand and decided on a whim after a few stressful days to just hook it! I love this thing to pieces! I wear it almost every day! The sprinkles are silver lined rainbow seed beads.

Then I whipped up some mini socks for these cute little sock blocker key-chains. I used some left over sock yarn bits and some worsted rainbow yarn I had in stash. Aren’t they cute?!

I’ve spun these 2 rovings into a regular 2ply with plans to cable ply them together… I got some amazing yardage out of the darker skein.. my best yardage to date! I really love the color from these skeins!

However, when I cable plied them… I ended up with this yarn. It’s around worsted weight and while it’s pretty… I think I much prefer the 2 skeins alone rather than plied together. I plan to untwist and keep them as 2 separate yarns.. but I learned a lot while making it so I am happy I took the time to do it!

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October in Review

Posted by Nina on Nov 19, 2010

October was a pretty busy month for me! I can’t believe everything I managed to finish! I knit a lot of baby hats for a newborn session I had during the middle of the month! I finished this one while waiting for the mom to get ready for her session when she called and asked me to give her a little extra time.

Then I finished up this adorable little dot hat.. I had just purchased a pom maker and decided to top the hat with a huge funky pom. It’s a little large for a newborn but that is kind of the look I was going for.. over-sized. 🙂 I have a tea cup prop that I am also hoping to get to try out this little hat with! I think it will be a perfect match!

Since the baby was due in October, I figured nothing said fall like pumpkins so I made a little pumpkin hat! He was so adorable in it and it fit him perfectly! Isn’t this one little pumpkin you’d love to bring home?!

One of the women in our knitting group was expecting and we organized a sampler blanket for her.. we each knitted a square or two and sent them off to a someone who stitched the blanket and sent it on.. Here’s my squares (only the gray one in this photo was used, I sent a golden snitch square for my second. I kept the white and gray one for future projects)!

Not everything in October was baby knitting though! A while back I made a porom out of white sparkly yarn.. well it turns out the sparkly yarn is itchy! so I have made another and this time I am using a DK weight.. it’s much softer but not very warm.. but I love it none the less! It’s made from a sea blue-green tweed yarn.. and I just love it to bits! The color however, is very hard to photograph in doors.

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The Lafayette Afghan

Posted by Nina on Nov 11, 2010

During a chat night with my knitting girls we began talking about our love of True Blood and how there is a serious lack of knitting in the show! I guess being in the south, it’s a bit too hot but I still expected to see some cute shawls, doilies, table clothes, or something! Anyhoo, that brought us to talking about our favorite characters and it was unanimous that we all loved Lafayette. In season 2 Lafayette is shown with the afghan you see below after spending some time in Eric’s basement.


Immediately I knew that I had to make it. My husband thought it was hideous, my friend Sara thinks its “fugly”, and various other people fail to see anything special about it… but a few of us do! and we have decided to have a group crochet-along!

There is nothing really special about the blanket, it’s a simple granny square made up of 5 colors with a quite large border.. however, there are no scenes at all in which you can view the show afghan flat so recreating the rows has been a bit challenging but together we have come up with the most show accurate afghan. Details about the afghan will be coming shortly!

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Return to Hogwarts

Posted by Nina on Apr 28, 2010


I’ve just signed up for my 2nd year at Hogwarts (aka. HPKCHC)! Last term I had very little time to do anything but knit… and I literally finished my OWL on the very last day of term! This time.. I am going to plan my time much better and get everything done on time! I will not be having sleepless nights this term, oh no, I will be budgeting my time much better!

This term there will be spinning, there will be weaving, and there will be lots of knitting and crocheting! What you see in the photo above is my OWL proposal.. this year I will be attempting (and succeeding!) in a Care of Magical Creatures OWL by hatching a dragon! Do you see my trusty book that I have borrowed from Professor Hagrid? I will be hatching a Siberian Ice Crest dragon.. more on this later.. but I give you my swatch!


What? Stop laughing! It’s going to be a dragon! REALLY! IT IS!!! That is it’s head… oh dear, I am really not helping matters here any, am I? Just trust me, it’s a dragon.

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Russia revisited & Podcasting

Posted by Nina on Feb 25, 2010

russianshawlpattern1 Some of you might remember that a few years ago my husband went to visit his parents in Minsk and he brought me back a few magazines.. I have never used them 🙁 so I think for this summer I am going to make this shawl pattern right here. One thing about Russian knitting is that they do not really distinguish a difference between knitting and crocheting like the US does.

This also meant that I had to figure out what the actual stitches were with the help of my husband and some wonderful people at Ravelry.. for instance a chain stitch in English is translated as air knits in Russian so there is no direct word for word translation here so I needed help! Unlike American magazines there is no ‘beginners’ section.. these magazines always assume that you know exactly what the stitches are and do not teach you how to do them.. This shawl is a good starting point for me because I knew what the stitches were by looking at them, I was just unsure that I was correct, and there is no actual knitting in this pattern.

I am going to use KnitPick’s Palette yarn with a 3mm crochet hook since I am pretty sure that’s what the pattern suggests. It also says I will need 500gms of yarn but fails to tell how many meters that is so while 500grms translates to 10 balls of Palette, I am going to buy about 12-14 to be safe on the yardage. If this works out well.. I might venture into some other countries patterns. I have plenty from Japan ready and waiting!

The Podcasts

I’ve never really plugged my favorite podcaster’s on my blog before so I am going to do that right now!! I subscribe to both Vegan Radio & Vegan Freak and I like them pretty equally.. they are both pretty straight forward.. vegan life, vegan food, and issues we deal with.. I’d venture to say they are my favorite podcasters. Knitting podcasts I have yet to find one that I love almost as much as those, but I enjoy Lime & Violet, I am checking out others but I will admit there isn’t much that I find myself subscribing to.. Loveline is always interesting and those of you with little children you might enjoy The Story Home. 🙂 I hope you will have a listen to these.. I am sure you will love them as much as I do!

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test crocheting & spinning

Posted by Nina on Feb 23, 2010

I’ve got a friend who has written a pattern and plans to submit it to KnitPick’s for you to be able to purchase! Since I have had a lot of experience crocheting I offered to be the tester for the advanced user. I had to go up a needle size and make about 2 extra rows to fit but over all, everything worked out exactly the way I wanted it to! I had no idea what the pattern would look like when I offered so I was pleasantly surprised that it was a beautiful cap!
I’ve chosen this beautiful gold color simply based upon my hair color lol. I thought the gold could compliment my red hair and fair skin pretty well.. and the button I used for the center is a beautiful clear button with glitter in the very center totally encased inside the button. I love the little bling! I need my husband to take some shots of me wearing this.. hopefully this weekend for my Ravelry project page.. anyway, I did not find any errors in the pattern and the most complicated thing about this pattern would be using magic loop for beginners.
During the olympic events at Ravelry, I joined in the flying camel or spinning event.. I have been working like crazy to finish projects and spin so here are two yarns that I spun super fine and plied with Rowan Kidsilk Haze mohair.. it ends up being a light lace weight yarn and each skein is over 270yrds. When I say I have been busy, I mean busy! I am now afraid that I won’t finish everything I need to before the end of the month.. but I am still working to finish 33% of my Nightsongs shawl and finish up the Imbolc shawl I started a long, long time ago!

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Hogwarts Express!

Posted by Nina on Jan 25, 2010


Remember when I joined the Harry Potter Knitting & Crochet House Cup group on Ravelry and I said I would share a little more about it with you? Well.. now is the time! We are sorted into houses at the beginning of the term (3 months) and each month a class listing is given and the more classes you participate in the more points your house earns.. and you are also competing for some real prizes! I have met some really fabulous people there and they are cheering me on to reduce the size of my knitting queue and finish up those works in progress (during the Ravelry olympics of course!) and I have created some of the cutest little things for the first round of classes!!

First up we have this super cute flying spaghetti monster… I made him for potions class. We were instructed to create something dangerous or something that Dumbledore would love.. I think he fits on both accounts.


Next was this really cute cupcake for Charms. We were instructed to create something to make the professor smile.. well being that I was sorted into Gryffindor.. our house decided to create a secret food fight where we would all make cupcakes and food items to turn in all at the same time (I lost count after 18 of us turned them in!) and later that evening we would storm the Slytherin dungeon and start the food war all over again! I made a white cake with lavender frosting and a cute little cherry on top with rainbow sprinkles.. it now functions as a soft toy or pin cushion.

Last but not least we have this adorable little apple cozy I made for Defense Against The Dark Arts.. we were instructed to create an item that represents your resolution for the year.. it represents two for me.. start & finish projects on my queue and to stay healthy! I spent most of 2009 either ill or injured and I figured the old saying ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away’ might not be a bad thing to start with!

Take a look at the Harry Potter Knitting & Crochet House Cup group on Ravelry… go right now! It’s my favorite group! Oh and I was the Gryffindor featured for the 2nd interview on our house blog! 🙂

You probably won’t see me again until the end of this month while I am busy finishing up class projects and spinning like crazy for a contest!

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makings for the baby #2

Posted by Nina on Jun 5, 2007

Sergey and I are still planing to have a baby some time in the not so distant future (ideally before I reach 30).. so I began my second project for my future child. I haven’t done any Crocheting in quite some time so, it was nice to begin something that I can finish pretty quickly.

It became apparent to me that who ever made up this gauge for the pattern was smoking something funky because it calls for Worsted Weight yarn and a G hook.. then tells you to swatch 11 rows in pattern to match 5 1/2″ w x 4 3/4″ l .. well I am using an E hook and my gauge is STILL wrong! I am assuming the people who made it used Sport Weight yarn.. and its a misprint in my pattern.. however I have the same pattern in TWO books that both say Worsted Weight, tested by 4 people! My finished afghan will be slightly larger than the 36″ w x 45 l” than the pattern suggests but not by much.. it will probably be along the lines of 42″ x 50″… larger is better! I figure it will carry our child right on into toddler age.

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