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Posted by Nina on Oct 27, 2007

I think I posted about how unhappy I was with my last salon visit?? If I did and you remember it, then just skip right over this entry and go and visit the LHC.

Salon Visit.. late August..
I took a trip to a new salon in hopes to find a good stylist who will listen and not constantly argue about my hair cuts/styles. I went with 22″ long hair and came home with what I thought was 20″, only to wash it and find it’s really 19″ unless heat straightened! NOT the trim I asked for!

I have always been told I have very baby fine and thin hair.. much like Asian hair with a slight curl & wave… This stylist proceeded to blow-fry my hair (I didn’t object since it was a cold/rainy day outside) and then she said something that really surprised me… she told me “You have coarse hair like African American hair…. the kind that has to have heating products to make it look good.. to seal down the cuticle. Their hair is dry but I don’t think yours is dry, just the kind of hair you were born with.. nothing you can do about it!”

I didn’t know what to say! I knew she was wrong on both accounts.. my hair is beautiful if its air dried! I know African hair doesn’t always need heating products.. and I know my hair is not coarse! If you use a blow-fryer on my hair, it begins to look like clown hair and then needs to be either heat treated (straightened/curled) or dried with a diffuser. She didn’t use the diffuser but decided to straighten… my hair felt AWFUL! I don’t think I ever paid much attention to how my hair felt after treatments until joining LHC.. but it went from feeling like soft silky butter to feeling like a synthetic wig! I didn’t even bother to use shampoo that day.. I figured my poor hair and been through enough so I just deep conditioned… My poor hair.. it always looks soooooooooooooo healthy after a good trim but not this time, it seriously felt like cotton candy. I’m a curly girl, there is ALWAYS an issue with frizz if you do anything to my wet hair… shouldn’t a stylist know this!?

Here I am, just a few months after joining the LHC and you can already see such a HUGE difference in my hair. I am trying to grow my hair to tailbone length and currently it falls at my bra-strap. I am about to where I was before she cut it all off. I was planning another trim in late December, but I might put that off for awhile since I trim any split ends I find. Anyway.. on to the pics!

before the LHC
after the first trim – UGH!!
september 2007
october 2007

so, yes, I actually take much better care of my hair than my stylist does …. needless to say, I am not going back to her!
My Mum remarks all the time about the changes my hair has made, can you tell a difference? 🙂

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new do

Posted by Nina on Mar 12, 2007

So, the saturday before last I got my hair cut.

Photo is of the beautiful

Ignore the constipated look on my face.. Oh yeah, GO WINGS!
Should I be pissed that she didn’t cut it right? The layers are slightly too long and I am not happy with the highlights either. I didn’t notice them in the salon because she curled my hair all up… and I LOVE my stylist but… there is NO CURL in that cut! Woman! Get it straight!! I figure when my highlights need touched up, I will ask her to re-cut it. She rapes me of money and doesn’t even cut it right!! 🙁

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