Posted by Nina on Dec 16, 2009

Back a couple of years ago I took a spinning class.. I was all excited because I thought I would get to learn all about spinning wheels and drafting fibers and get to see and use different types of wheels.. I was so disappointed to find that we learned a little about drafting the fiber, we spent 90% of class time using drop spindles and then they let us use the one and only wheel the store sold, it was about 10mins total of wheel use and talk… they then told us if we bought a wheel from them we would get a free spinning class to teach us how to use it… I wasn’t so impressed.

I knew the minute I got behind the wheel that I wanted one. I know some of you love your drop spindles, but I don’t have the patience for them and I don’t enjoy the constant winding either.. but I knew from the class that the wheel is where I wanted to be… but I put the thought out of my mind for a very long time.. until the urge came back with a vengeance and I finally got her!

Isn’t she beautiful? She’s a Kromski Symphony in mahogany finish. I was looking for one that has the old fashioned look but is modern so if something needed repairs, I could easily do so, and I wanted to hear reviews from other spinners who had one.. and I found some really wonderful people in my research! I’ve started to wish that I had purchased a travel wheel just so I wouldn’t have to leave my wheel behind when I travel and I could carry it with me to a local spinners group… perhaps my next wheel will be a traveling wheel.. anyway, here are some samples of yarn I have made with her.

My very first yarn, I have since made it into a double ply for a super bulky weight

I’m waiting for some gold thread to arrive to ply this beautiful yarn with. It’s about heavy lace weight

Isn’t this batt beautiful? I got it yesterday in the mail and immediately started spinning it up!

I-knew that I wanted to make a Nightsong shawl out of it.. to keep the yardage good, I plan to ply with either green metallic thread or a simple black satin thread to keep the color uniform.. I am leaning more towards the black threads just because I’d like to keep the color simply from the batt alone.

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