Tis’ the season?

Posted by Nina on Sep 13, 2011


Sometime last year I began wishing I had different quilts to decorate through the holiday season.. I vowed that in 2011 I would start my holiday quilts.. I made a spring quilt and then I sort of lost my quilting mojo and now I am kicking myself for not starting that Halloween quilt in time to use it.. so I am getting a kick start on my Christmas quilt! Oh yes, I will have a quilt finished for Christmas! In one day I have completed half of the entire quilt top! It’s not pieced yet as I am still working on the lay out for the final stitching but here’s a little sneak peek.. nothing super fancy, just pretty fabric in a simple but classic pattern. I cannot wait to ship this off to the quilter!!!

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Posted by Nina on Feb 14, 2010

We had a wild and crazy Valentine’s day.. nothing went quite as planned but we had a wonderful time. The morning started off with our gift exchange.. Sergey did really good this year! I got roses and lilies and a little blue box from Tiffany’s! I’ve never gotten anything from Tiffany’s before.. inside was this beautiful aquamarine bracelet.


This year I decided to knit him a little gift and when I saw this breast pillow, I couldn’t resist making it for him! The hardest part of the project was finding skin and nipple colored yarn.. I mean can you imagine having to explain what you’re making when the people at the local yarn store ask you what you’re going to do with the two balls of yarn you’re buying? Everyone thinks its hilarious.. I don’t know what he plans to do with them but for now they sit on his desk lol

After the gift giving and romancing, we headed to Panera Bread and had a quick bite to eat and headed back home to snuggle on the sofa and watch a movie. We had a pretty good evening at home, just the 3 of us… and Bella found out that she likes popcorn.

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DIY Vintage Ornament Wreath

Posted by Nina on Nov 24, 2009

By now you’ve probably already seen dozens of tutorials for these do-it-yourself wreaths popping up all over the internet.. if not, go here right now! I saw it and had to make my own.. so I convinced the hubby to head to Dollar Tree and grab about 5 packs of ornaments.. some are plastic and some are glass.. you need them in various sizes so try to avoid buying all of them the same, you will need the smaller ones to hide your wire.

Use the cheapest, easiest to bend, seriously cheap wire hanger you can find. We didn’t.. and to make up for that we had to use floral wire to close because we had to snip the hanging portion off! I just covered it up with a big red bow and hung on the door. I chose red, green, gold, silver, and bronze to accent my door.. but this would look beautiful in any color combination! This entire thing cost me less than $12.

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DIY Joy Signs

Posted by Nina on Nov 23, 2009

What do you get when you head to the craft store and pick up random pieces of unfinished wood and a little paint?

When I saw these signs I just knew I had to make them! I really wanted them for my kitchen but they ended up being a bit too tall for the space I had but they look fabulous in our foyer! I love them so much that I don’t think that I will even take them down after the holidays. I didn’t distress my signs like the instructions said, I think it looked better without it. They were so quick and easy to make! I wish I had thought of them! It only cost a few dollars and it makes a huge statement when you walk through our front door.

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500 Vegan Recipes: Veggie Curry Feast

Posted by Nina on Nov 16, 2009


Chick peas do not often grace my table in their natural form.. and Sergey and I had just picked up this amazing curry powder from our local international market and I couldn’t wait to use it in a recipe! There’s no time like the present and since I am loving the 500 Vegan Recipes book, I figured why not test out another recipe.. so I did! The sauce is thick and creamy, the chick peas add amazing flavor to the dish, the veggies were mellow and tender but not mushy and slimy, and on top of my favorite white rice.. how could I not love this dish?!

The only adjustment I made was that I used fresh herbs instead of one of them that it calls for that is dried. The recipe calls for slivered almonds but I didn’t have those on hand but I did have sliced almonds so I swapped that out too. Next time I think I will try cashews.

Did you know that Celine AND Joni are giving some books away? What are you waiting for??? Go comment for your chance to win them!

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Happy Birthday Sergey!!

Posted by Nina on Oct 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Darling!
Cake is a 2 layer cheese cake with cherry filling and ‘Happy Birthday Sergey’ written on top in blue icing with 2 jumbo 3 & 1 candles. My husband isn’t too much into birthday photography so I got all of 2 images.. but rest assured, he had a happy birthday and got lots of wonderful gifts.

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Happy Birthday to ME!

Posted by Nina on Sep 13, 2009

A-lot of people stress out over their 30th birthdays.. me? not so much. I don’t feel 30.. well that is until I was talking about watching movies with my dad and I realized that was twenty years ago… Twenty! Sergey made sure he included a card that let me know just how old I really am.. It said something to the tune of “You’re mature, you’re responsible.. and to teenagers everywhere YOU’RE OLD!” Thanks hunny! I’ve had some pretty awful birthdays but this year is not one of them! It’s been fantastic!

The cake was amazing! Chocolate cake with chocolate icing and tons of flowers and how cute are the butterflies?! I’m happy that it didn’t have a huge “You’re 30!!” candle on it or something. It was probably the best cake I have ever eaten!!! Thank you Grandma for bringing it to me!!

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This week..

Posted by Nina on Aug 28, 2009

This week we are packing up and leaving what seems to be an early fall in Michigan to the mind numbing heat, or is it pouring rain?, of Georgia! We are very excited as this will be the first Georgia visit for both of us.

Things we plan to do:

Not to be out done by the food, but Sergey and I will celebrate our 4th wedding anniversary on September 2nd. I truly can’t believe four years have gone by! See you all soon!

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Happy Birthday Grandma!

Posted by Nina on Aug 17, 2009

Sunday was my Grandma’s birthday and I decided that this year I am going to make her gifts. I have never knit for her before so I hoping that she really likes them. Her favorite color is red so I figured that I would start there. She doesn’t like to show her neck and she commented once that dickies were getting harder and harder to find, so I decided to make her one! The mittens were on a whim when I realized that I had a ton of yarn left over so I knit them double stranded. I almost didn’t make the knitting deadline for the party! I finished those at about 2:30am! The rose bush is a duplicate of one that I had bought her when I was 5.. it died this past winter so I thought I should replace it since she loved it so much.

Happy Birthday Grandma! I hope you enjoyed your birthday as much as we enjoyed spending it with you.

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Happy 4th of July!

Posted by Nina on Jun 5, 2008

Holland, MI

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