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There has been one thing that has been solidly consistent through out my life.. and that is my love of color. Ever since I can remember I have been drawing, painting, knitting, crocheting, sewing, photographing, and talking about color. When I was very young my grandmother had given me a box (about hat box sized) to keep all of my crayons in.. I had so many because every time we went to the store I saw the NEW! colors, larger boxes, pastels, florescent, metallic, limited editions, and shaped crayons that I didn’t already own and I would beg for them… my family usually agreed because crayons I used.. and I used them daily.

As I got older, I had some issues with my eyes that literally made me wonder if someday I would lose my eyesight.. thankfully that hasn’t happened and I am healthy and fine but it was a very real concern for a very long time. I never took color for granted. I still don’t. I find beauty in every color.. no matter how dark or light.

I’ve been browsing my crafts lately while we are reorganizing my shared space craft room (partly the husbands office) and my love of color is still very much evident there.. as well as my fondness for stuffed animals with bright colors.. You never get too old for that fluffy monster toy right!?

You might wonder where I am going with this post since it’s pretty random, so here it is… The next year of my life, I am taking time to celebrate color and to celebrate life. I will not be taking a hiatus from blogging! Oh no, I am going to pull you right along with me! From food to crafts, to tastes and smells, I encourage you to go out right now… and celebrate with a little color! and stay tuned for color crafting news!! Those of you who stalk me on ravelry may already know some of the things I am planning!

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When Two Geeks Collide

Posted by Nina on May 25, 2007

So yesterday while rummaging around LJ I came across this post. Wow, 2 more geeks unite through the internet! Then it dawned on me.. I have never really explained how my husband and I met. So for those of you who don’t care.. come back tomorrow… as for the rest, I’ll try not to bore you too much..

One night while chatting with my friend (yet another geek) he tells me about this super cool new IM messenger he downloaded. He says “It’s way better than ICQ and the random chat feature lets you browse users by interests and web pages!”.. this in itself tells of my geekdom.. who still uses ICQ but us anyway? So thinking he might be right I began to use it. Girls are apparently very few and far between online because every loser who wanted cyber sex messaged me. Yes, shocking, I know! I was ever grateful for the ban feature!

So one day I decide to try out the random chat feature that lets you find users who are browsing the same website you are. Yes, thats right. I met my husband because he was browsing the same photography website I was. He is more of a programming (C++) geek, while I am a visual arts geek.. but anyway.. So I check his user details, a year older than me, from Russia, living in California, married. Harmless. Or, so I thought 😉 Thinking he was married our chats only consisted of general getting to know each other talk and photography. We never really chatted about our personal lives.. at first, anyway. He had used the ‘married’ sign to keep women at bay.. (worked great, right? lol) Somewhere between December 2002 and March 2003 we fell in love.

The distance between California and Michigan is great. It sucked. We chatted online all day and on the phone all night… literally! So Thanksgiving of 2004 he finally convinced me that he wasn’t a Russian serial killer and I invited him to come visit. He brought me a little pink quartz heart stone and gave it to me at the airport. At the end of this trip we began looking at engagement rings. We talked about marriage very early on.. including the running joke about us flying to Vegas to get married a week after we met.. only this time we were serious. We didn’t buy anything only looked.. ok, well I looked, and begged, and hoped. He said goodbye and headed back to California and started looking for jobs in Michigan. This alone should tell you how much he loved me! (are you even still reading? or have I bored you to tears yet?)

December comes and Sergey comes to visit.. he immediately tells me he has to run to the mall and get stuff.. this “stuff” I assume was gifts for me and my parents. My proposal was definitely a night to remember! I knew it was coming but I had no idea when. On December 23, Sergey took me to Twelve Oaks Mall in Novi, Michigan. Upon arriving I thought we were only going shopping for his winter clothes or Christmas gifts for my family or something. We walked around the mall for a few minutes and suddenly I spotted ‘Build a Bear Workshop’ and knew instantly he was dragging me in there. This whole trip had been a set up for him to build me the teddy bear I had been begging him to build for me for nearly 2 years! We walked over to the counter and picked out the cutest little monkey and he began to build it. He asked me only moments after he placed the monkey in my hands.. I am sure he said many warm, loving, and romantic things.. but I can’t remember any of them.. it all seemed like a dream.. He says I grabbed the box out of his hands and didn’t even say yes.. before I knew it, I was hugging him and wearing my beautiful new engagement ring.

I couldn’t resist showing off my ring so we quickly drove over to my grandparents house.. time was passing quickly and was nearly 11pm.. After all of the expected ooh’s and aah’s, we decided to return home and crack open a bottle of wine.. I however had other plans.. on the way to the car, I slipped on some snow and proceeded to twist my ankle.. I spent the rest of the night and the remainder of his stay in bed with my leg propped up on pillows! He moves to Michigan in January of 2005. September 2, 2005 we get married.

And we live happily ever after.
g33k + g33k = <3

P.S. I quit using odigo not long after we met.. ICQ is still much cooler.

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