Konad Success!

Posted by Nina on Aug 15, 2009

The konad definitely has a learning curve to it.. my polish would always dry before I could get it to the stamper but I think I have finally mastered it! I’m sporting this look for the weekend. Its Opi Vinyl underneath Konad Special White using the M57 stamping plate. I topped with the Konad clear coat and then followed up with Opi’s top coat to protect it and make it last longer. I don’t find it hard to use and you can create some pretty unique designs!

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Konad anyone?

Posted by Nina on Jul 15, 2009

Have you guys ever seen those konad nail stamping kits? I had and I lusted after the pretty nails everyone had.. well guess what? I bought one! So what happens the day I place my order? I break 3 nails! I can’t wait to test it out! I ordered a few templates and a couple fauxnads too as well as a few of their polishes. Look for pics when it arrives!

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Perfume Review: Old Skeleton Key

Posted by Nina on Aug 29, 2006

Name: Old Skeleton Key
Description: “Butter vanilla, bloody currant and spicy thyme.”
Purchased: seventhscentlab
Price: $2.50+

First Impressions:
The scent is quite strong when first putting on but quickly dries into something unearthly mysterious.. something lightly floral.. something unusual and reminiscent of days gone by. Old Skeleton Key is a perfect name for this scent. It smells like treasures from loved ones long ago that you are just finding after centuries in a dusty locked box. On my skin it has the scent of old roses, vanilla, and something old like satin and parchment paper. Like many of seventhscentlab perfumes.. the scent is like nothing I have smelled before and yet at the same time, very familiar.

After Wearing Few Hours:
The perfume has now faded quite remarkably. It has become something sweet and reminds me of the Victorian era. Very unusual from the first whiff to the very last. You can still smell the flora aroma but it has quieted down into a musky vanilla. It’s beautiful from start to finish. I usually prefer fresh, breezy, clean scents so finding a flora scent that I like is extremely rare.. and this one is just simply AMAZING.

Over All Impact:
I was quite surprised by the memories this scent provoked. Visions of playing dress up in an old attic, glancing and photo albums of loved ones who have passed on, and smelling the scent of pressed flowers in old books.. It is one of the more moving fragrances I have ever worn. I do not think I would say this perfume is an “every occasion” scent.. It certainly is not for every occasion, but if your in a mood for nostalgia, remembering the past, or looking for something to match Victorian era perfumes, this certainly is the one for you. It is VERY unusual from start to finish. I don’t often find a lack of words to describe fragrances, and this one has stumped me completely.. as I said before, its like nothing I have smelled before and yet at the same time, very familiar. Old Skeleton Key is destined to become one of my favorite treasures.

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Perfume Review: Lonely Ghost

Posted by Nina on Aug 16, 2006

Name: Lonely Ghost
Description: “Sweet, soft and mysterious changing to cold and fresh windy, tones of green apple, french vanilla and peppermint.”
Purchased: [info]seventhscentlab
Price: $2.50+

First Impressions:
In the package you can smell the pleasant scent of vanilla and peppermint.. when putting it on the skin, the scent of vanilla powders down to give way to a refreshing scent of peppermint. Lonely Ghost is a tender, clean scent. Not at all musky. This perfume invokes memories of winder nights, curled up in front of a fire with a good book. It’s as unique and crisp as Christmas morning. This is not your average flirty, childish fragrance.. this is a scent of a woman. A woman who is compassionate and soothing.

After Wearing Few Hours:
The scent has faded away.. both haunting and alluring. The french vanilla has reappeared making the peppermint seem rich and sweet. It has a unique scent, not quite cool, not quite musk, and not quite floral but a perfect marriage of the 3. It is comforting, like that favorite shirt on a cool November morning. It is not a scent that I immediately relate to food, but upon wearing for 5-6 hours, it takes on a dessert like fragrance.. both appealing and delicious. It is wearing off in a unique way… it becomes a scent that smells different from a distance than close up.. when up close it becomes a sweet and almost chocolate like on my skin.. and yet at a distance it leaves a haunting scent of vanilla and apple.

Over All Impact:
This perfume has been a pleasantly playful and surprising purchase. Oddly enough I have some incense that this perfume reminds me of. It is sweet and simple. It wears off in a very mysterious way… It’s a scent you long to smell up close.. from afar its very intriguing.

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Perfume Review: Bastet

Posted by Nina on Aug 14, 2006

Name: Bastet
Description: “Heavily sweet, exotic and warm changing to soft vanilla and home made capuchino, tones of warm vanilla bean, butter plant, pecans, french lavender and fresh lemon.”
Purchased: [info]seventhscentlab
Price: $2.50+

First Impressions:
When opening the package, the smell is quite pleasant but very different from when it is on your skin. In the package it has almost a woody breath to it, but this dissolves instantly upon touching the skin. It’s a very delicious scent. Not at all over powering, and invokes a peaceful, quiet, and loving feeling. The lemon and lavender mesh with the vanilla beautifully, and it has a mist of butter, pecan, and capuchino in the background.. reminds me of being in the comforts of grandma’s kitchen.. but doesn’t plague me with hunger.

After Wearing Few Hours:
The perfume is still deliciously strong. The other scents have mellowed slightly and the vanilla bean shines through. It’s a scent I love to smell up close, and long to smell yet closer. It is a kissable sweet scent. Totally unique, could quickly become my signature scent.

Over All Impact:
I am delightfully thrilled. It is a very unique fragrance.. unlike anything I have ever smelled before. Yankee Candle lovers will be reminded of a cross between their Lemon Lavender and Vanilla Caramel scents.. both delicious and impressive. This perfume is light enough to wear every day, and still remarkably sexy enough to wear on any special occasion. This is definitely a fragrance to wear when you want to make a special impression. A word of warning.. it will cause men to want to get a closer sniff 😉

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first attempt at an inner cat eye…

Posted by Nina on Jun 5, 2006

This is my first try at an inner cat eye, please be kind! I used CG Lash Exact mascara and for some reason it took the curl out of my lashes? I heat set them until they were super curly and after the first swipe of the mascara they were straight as a board! Anyone else have this problem? advice?

YUCK! This is how I look while putting make up on in the morning! Scary isnt it!

L’Oreal De-crease
Maybelline Expert Eyewear Electric Blue e/s
Manic Panic Voodoo Blue e/s (I hate this stuff!)
Manic Panic Raven e/s
Some Random White Frost
Maybelline Liquid Eyeliner (Black)
Maybelline Greatwear Eyeliner (Onyx)
Clinique Gloss in Pink Heaven

I didn’t notice that the eye on the right had been rubbed off a little, I think I did it fixing a contact lens 🙁 Please over look that! comments and constructive criticism welcome! ♥

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Smokey Eyes

Posted by Nina on Jun 1, 2006

I am not sure what I used here.. but I remember it was a mixture of 5 colors.. white, light grey, dark grey, black, and a sparky charcoal. I didn’t realize I hadn’t taken a closed eye shot until today 🙁

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wimpy lashes

Posted by Nina on Feb 23, 2006

It’s no big secret, I have the worlds puniest eyelashes… so when talking to my friend Zuleyha, who has the BEST lashes I have EVER seen!, she recommended Talika Eyelash Lipocils she said its really thickened her lashes.. then I came across Talika Lash Extender which is apparently little hairlike fibers in a mascara case with a brush.. Zuleyha says she was nearly blinded and says its not something you can do carelessly, you have to take real precautions when doing it.. like putting your contact lenses in first and so on.. I am going to buy both and see how they work together.

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