I’m a taste tester!

Posted by Nina on Nov 22, 2009


Did you know that Celine & Joni are working on another cookbook already? and in even better news, I am a tester!! I am planning to use some recipes for my Thanksgiving menu.. it will include toffee cookies, gf-ingerbread cake, baked brie, carrot cake waffles, and speculoos pumpkin ice cream! I think they will make great additions! I can’t wait to tell you all about them!

If you are anything like me, you are wondering what the new book will be like.. it will be smaller than 500 Vegan Recipes but I am pretty sure, it will be just as incredible! Head on over to the flickr group page to see some of the recipes that are being tested!

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so depressed..

Posted by Nina on Sep 30, 2009

This year has possibly been one of the worst of my life. I have spent half the year sick and injured and the other half recovering! To make matters worse, yesterday I found that some fuckwad has cloned my debit card and took it in to pay off his Comcast bill and order some ESPN magazines.. the guy’s name is Paul something-or-other and was stupid enough to leave an address at ESPN… then I found that my very much loved (and that is a huge understatement for how attached to this thing I am!) Russian scarf is missing. It is no where. My husband and I turned our place upside down and checked under every spec of dust and in closets, cabinets, behind pillows, in bags, and whatever that we came across.. it’s just gone. Then the dread started building up as I realized it has probably been accidentally thrown away as trash.


Sergey refuses to believe that it’s been thrown out and thinks that it has just gotten mixed up with something in a box or a bag somewhere and we just haven’t found it yet.. I hope he is right.. but the sinking feeling I have is just overwhelming me right now.. all I want to do is lay in bed and cry. Sergey has offered to replace the addi turbo lace needles and the mohair so I can re-knit.. this time I am knitting start to finish with no stops or breaks for other projects… and if by some chance I find the first.. I will gift it to my mother-in-law.. both because I love her and because she is a knitter and I know she will take very good care of it… so that makes me feel a little better.

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Matron of Honor

Posted by Nina on Sep 24, 2009

Matron of HonorOne of my dear friends is getting married!! and to make the news better she has asked me to be her matron of honor!! I am so excited for her and her fiance! She’s currently living out of state but we’ve been chatting online day and night for the past few days picking out wedding stuff. It reminds me of how excited I was to be a new bride. She has already purchased her dress, picked out the venue for the wedding & reception, picked out my dress (see photo), and even picked out the color and style of the flowers.

That’s quite a lot of planning finished already! The best part about her wedding is that it will be totally untraditional and there doesn’t seem to be any usual wedding stress and she hasn’t turned Bridezilla on anyone! It’s exciting! We spent most of the day yesterday talking about hairstyles and head pieces. Mine has been picked out.

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Michael Jackson 1958 – 2009

Posted by Nina on Jun 26, 2009

There are few individuals that are as gifted as Michael Jackson was. He was the Elvis of my generation. He touched everyones life in one way or another.. the mixture of his fans was culturally diverse, you didn’t have to be black or white to appreciate him, his life, or his music. I can remember watching the music videos to Beat It, Thriller, Billie Jean, and all the countless others in the 80’s when I could barely walk.. two music artists touched my life in a big way and shaped who I am as an individual… one of them is Michael Jackson and the other is Madonna. No matter what you thought about his trials, he deserves respect for who he is and what he has done.. this is not a time to persecute him further.

I do hope now that he has passed that he has found the peace that has so long eluded him in life. I hope there is some sort of all loving being that is there waiting for you once you pass on.. it seems such a waste of life for their not to be. I do hope the media leave his poor 3 children alone to grieve their father in their own way.

Michael, I may never have met you, but you shaped so many peoples lives in many ways including my own… and your unlimited love for every body was something the entire world could learn something from. I hope you have found peace. Thank you for sharing your talent and life with us… may God bless you and keep you safe… and now the whole world shall mourn. Goodbye King of Pop.

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Under Construction… or something..

Posted by Nina on Feb 7, 2009

I have been thinking for a long time to just open up my blogging in one place that I can control without being too much of a hassle and septemberpixie.com was just a space holder for my email.. and it seemed kind of silly to pay the hosting fees without really using the site.. so why not merge the two? In the past 24 hours I have moved most of my journal content and images.. but I am still trying to work out the kinks.. so if posts come and go, links don’t work, or things generally look a little ghetto, that’s why. I think everything at this point is more or less functional though..

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uh.. hi! I’m a Mac.

Posted by Nina on Sep 24, 2008

No doubt you have seen those commercials on tv where this skinny college kid is showing up the nerdy professor about who’s OS is better. When I first got online (back in the olden days when dial-up was a luxury!) I never looked at a Mac. I ran the other way but I always secretly lusted for the beautiful OS (that’s operating system for you non-g33kz) and trouble free installs… however as time went on, I started getting more and more frustrated with Windows.

When I started my photography business, we invested in a beautiful new MacBook Pro (laptop) and that became my primary computer. We installed XP on it as a secondary OS.. XP didn’t like us because it kept disconnecting me from the wireless networks… if you have ever chatted with me on IM’s then you know what I am talking about. Well, it’s gotten to the point where we decided to try Vista.. yes, yes, I can hear the groaning now… However, even the Vista install isn’t going smoothly. I am making one last attempt tonight and if that doesn’t work, then I am going to give Windows a big fuck you! and move on to Mac OS permanently.

So, what’s that mean for you? It means, I probably will not be available via email or IM for the next 24-48hrs. If you are a client, you can still reach me via telephone.. Rest assured I am working to resolve the technical difficulties and life should be resuming to normal shortly.

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We Bought A House!

Posted by Nina on Jul 9, 2008

We close July 31st and move in after August 7th. I don’t think I really knew just how much work house-hunting could be. We saw probably 100 houses in about 10 hours. There were a few houses we loved but this one felt like home. We had the home inspections completed Monday and are just waiting to get a faxed copy of the sellers acceptance of the electrical work that needs to be repaired.

It was amazing walking into their little girls room.. it was EXACTLY like my bedroom when I was a kid. Everything from the furniture being the exact same set, to the bedding, to the pink wall color! Everyone kept saying that, that was a ‘sign’. 🙂

Living Room:



Dining Room:

Laundry Room:

Main Level Bath:


Master Bedroom:

Master Bath:

2nd Bedroom: (one I had as a child!)

3rd Bedroom:

4th Bedroom:

2nd Floor Bath:



Basement Bath:

Unfinished 5th Bedroom (Basement)


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Rest in Peace Sebastian

Posted by Nina on Jun 7, 2008

I think it’s safe to say that this weekend is probably one of my more difficult… Monday it will be 1 year since my dad passed and to make things more horrible.. Sebastian died on Friday. He was 2yrs old which people keep telling me is nice long life for a male beta but.. it just devastated me. I didn’t see this coming in the least… Thursday night I fed him as usual and he acted completely normal… but Friday he was at the bottom of his tank and completely gone. I couldn’t bring myself to ‘flush him’.. that just isn’t me. You expect your kids to be attached to their little critters but I never expected myself to be so attached to a fish. I can’t bring myself to empty his tank but every time I look at it, I’m filled with emptiness. I miss him. He was a good fish.

Sergey asked me if I thought we should get another… but I don’t know. I guess we’ll see. Either way.. I miss him terribly.

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Becareful with ZYRTEC = ITCHING!

Posted by Nina on Mar 11, 2008

Something this drug maker fails to release to the public… which I am now going through.. symptoms include:

– Weight Gain
– Fatigue
– Lethargy
– Nausea
– Red Welts (though very few)
– Itching


I’m on day 6 of the itching… think of flea/mosquito bites all over your body.. or the chicken pox… fun, no? I have also lost almost 2 full pounds since stopping the Zyrtec which is amazing because I haven’t lost so much as a pound since June of 2007!!! So if you know anyone taking this drug or considering doing so…. please educate them about the possible side effects. I’m angry I was never warned. Even if this only effects 1 in every 1000 that is still a LOT of people who will have this problem.. and YOU could be one of them.

If you suffer from this, DO NOT take another anti-histamine.. it will prolong the itching effects.. instead deal with it by using mentholated lotions and creams. Some people say Vicks-Vapo-Rub helps.

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Magic Crystals

Posted by Nina on Aug 13, 2007

I am very proud to say that my husband qiller_neu finished in 3rd place at the XNA Games challenge. Third place contestants receive:

  • Retail copy of Windows Vista Ultimate operating system
  • Autographed Xbox 360 retail console
  • 1-year subscription to the XNA Creators Club
  • 10 four-month subscription tokens to the XNA Creators Club, to share your masterpiece with friends and family
  • Choice of Softimage®|XSI® Foundation 6.0, Autodesk® 3ds Max® 9,
    or Autodesk® Maya® Complete 8.5

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