crafted in my likeness

Posted by Nina on Jan 3, 2007

My wonderful friend elfies painted this for me! It is the Moon Goddess painted using various photographs of me.. 11×14″ in height, and painted with watercolor. Is she not the most perfect thing you have ever seen!? The eyes couldn’t be anymore like mine!! I wish you could see just how amazing it really is! I don’t have a frame for it yet so I don’t want to unwrap it until I am ready to transfer it, but I will try to scan some close ups then. Trust me.. its breathtaking! Not only can she make the most delicious perfume oils I have EVER smelled, she paints too! Seriously! Check out seventhscentlab! You have GOT to sample some of her perfume oils! They are amazing! I have tried dozens upon dozens and I have YET to find one I didn’t like… my favorite so far is a toss between Lonely Ghost and Bastet. I LOVE♥LOVE♥LOVE her products! I will be back again for that other commission we talked about Maria! 🙂 ♥♥

On another note… I finished the baby blanket! I am adding the fringe on it now.. then all thats left is to wash and slightly block. The ends don’t curl when you add the fringe, but it needs to dry flat.. I don’t think it will even need pinned. I can’t even begin to tell you how HAPPY I am to be finished with that blanket! I even had to rip some more out when doing the last couple rows! For an advanced knitter and such a simple pattern, it sure created a lot of problems! lol I learned that I am better at knitting lace because I HAVE to pay attention to what I am doing, unlike simple patterns… I usually knit while watching television or on the phone.. I think THAT was the problem.. when I watched something interesting my knitting sucked! LOL Ahh.. my first finished product in 2007!

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Unfinished Artwork

Posted by Nina on Dec 27, 2006

I guess every artist goes through moments when they are terrified of touching their painting for fear of ruining it… thats where I am now. I am trying to become accustomed to using my Wacom tablet and trading in a real pen for a computerized pen/brush.. I began reading tutorials from books, watching my favorite artists, and checking the web.. but I never really started to actually use it, so I decided to start with the lips. I have always been able to draw lips and eyes with ease on paper, so I figured I should start with something I knew well… only problem is, now I am afraid to finish the detailing (add the nose and the shading around the mouth, and perfect the lip lines, etc) I like it so much I don’t want to ruin it!!

I don’t know if I will make a full face from this or not.. I really like how the lips are coming out.. so I may just crop the canvas size to the lips and keep them for referance…. but maybe I will finish a painting.. I dunno yet. My friend asked me if they were my lips 😉 I think they are pretty so I am flattered 🙂 no, I didn’t use any reference, except a painting tutorial found here, which you can see looks nothing like my lips. 100% hand painted with no under sketch. You all would probably be more impressed if I actually finished it.. but for now.. this will have to do.. I am too paranoid to touch it anymore right now.

sizing, color pallet, and the beginning outlines of lips

more detailing, the fine tuning started, colors and shading added

nearing the finish line…

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