And today I cried..

Posted by Nina on Jun 11, 2008

I sat down this morning and started reading my regular haunts on the web when I stumbled upon an article about shelters putting animals down because they have no space. I don’t usually read these things, I just can’t emotionally take it… (I know its out there, I know its happening, I just can’t stand to read it every day), only this time I clicked by accident and saw pictures of the pets that have their date of doom in just about 7 hours (8am gas chamber).

First of all, I am not perfect, I’ve loved a great number of animals in my time.. and currently my family includes 3 dogs, 1 cat, and 1 fish.. we love our animals… they are active parts of our family and I truly can’t imagine my life without any of them. If you read my previous post you know just how attached I can get.. even to fish.


I have an acquaintance that phoned recently to tell me that they are thinking of getting another dog and I broke down. This person has given 2 cats and 2 dogs to the local pound (not a no-kill shelter) within the last 5yrs, and as much as I try to educate them and prevent yet another innocent animal from ending up in their home.. there is only so much I can do. I don’t think this person and I will be talking again. I basically told this person if they bought another animal I was done with them. We mixed words and basically just ended it with “well.. whatever” and we haven’t spoken since.. and today I realized… there are lots of people like them out there…. they purchase an animal, keep it while its cute and tiny, and then get rid of it as soon as it becomes a problem…. and I broke down.

I wept. I cried for all the innocent animals put down by local shelters every year, for every single animal thats died at the hands of an abuser, every animal that was abandoned, beaten, and neglected.

Love your animals. Hug them, kiss them, cherish them, and above all else, love and respect them. They will truly do the same for you. There is no love more pure and great than an animals love for their family. They depend on you and they will always be there for you. Animals never neglect their owners (ok.. so some cats do… but isn’t that what we love about cats? their independence??) they will love you unconditionally for the rest of their little lives. I could never imagine my life without them in it. I’m not their ‘master’, I am their companion and they are mine. I respect their independence and their needs/desires and they respect mine. My little babies do not live on satin cushions and drink only evian, it’s not about luxuries, its about love.

I understand that sometimes circumstances may arise and your pet may need to find a new home.. however, as a pet owner its still your responsibility to make sure they are taken care of… and a shelter that kills is NOT the answer. Find it a loving home and if all else fails, a no kill shelter is the way to go… and if you can, please donate or adopt.

Keep them safe, love them, and appreciate them.

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Rest in Peace Sebastian

Posted by Nina on Jun 7, 2008

I think it’s safe to say that this weekend is probably one of my more difficult… Monday it will be 1 year since my dad passed and to make things more horrible.. Sebastian died on Friday. He was 2yrs old which people keep telling me is nice long life for a male beta but.. it just devastated me. I didn’t see this coming in the least… Thursday night I fed him as usual and he acted completely normal… but Friday he was at the bottom of his tank and completely gone. I couldn’t bring myself to ‘flush him’.. that just isn’t me. You expect your kids to be attached to their little critters but I never expected myself to be so attached to a fish. I can’t bring myself to empty his tank but every time I look at it, I’m filled with emptiness. I miss him. He was a good fish.

Sergey asked me if I thought we should get another… but I don’t know. I guess we’ll see. Either way.. I miss him terribly.

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is that a chipmunk in your apartment?

Posted by Nina on Nov 11, 2007

So, you wanna know what a typical Saturday is like in my life? All the boring details…? Stayed up late on friday night watching Sergey play video games so my day didn’t offically start until 1pm. Took a shower, ate breakfast, decided to go take Bella for a walk in the park.. drove about two blocks and found we had a flat tire.. Got some air, took the baby home, and drove the car to be fixed and we spent the 2hrs at the mall in Barns and Noble buying this kick ass vegan cookbook. Stopped by the video store to either pick up Meet the Robinson’s or Ratatoulie only to find they didn’t have any so we debated about checking blockbusters and the guy caught us as we were leaving and checked their drop box and sure enough, one copy of Ratatoulie! YAY!! We’re talking about what an awesome Saturday we are having and went on home to watch the movie.. and I shit you not, what happened was absolutely true.

We had NO idea what was instore for us….

We watched the movie and Sergey headed to bed, I decided to do some late night blogging and watch the back episodes of Greys Anatomy I had on dvr. At 2am I hear a very loud crash, the sound of glass breaking and metal hitting the floor. My husband and I both run to the bathroom to find nothing there, nothing even out of the ordinary.. a couple things laying on the floor but what made them fall? By the sound of it, I thought our whole wall shelf had collapsed… but nothing..

Still puzzled by what the hell had happened in the bathroom, I started packing up to turn in for the night/morning.. when I heard the sound of my work out equipment moving.. I jump out of my skin when I turn around and see these two little glowing eyes staring right at me.. I don’t know who was more shocked or terrified.. me or that poor little chipmunk. I start screaming for my husband.. of course he sleeps through it (wtf!?!? I could be getting raped and killed and he’d sleep through it!!) so I run into the bedroom screaming “theres a squirrl or something in our apartment!!” get it out!!! NOW!!” I am sure this is the point where he is thinking “yup, this is it… its time to have her committed… there are no squirrles in our apartment…. I’ll just call those men who bring the little white coats and…. ok shes not shutting up, I better go look” I am still not sure he believed me until he saw it… so then who the hell do we call???!! So I call Mum… she tells me to call the police, then tells me no no, animal control.. then says wait don’t you have 24hr maintnance or patrols there? so yeah, I call security patrol, uh their number is disconnected… so maintnance answers and I said “Ok, I know this is going to sound really weird.. especially at 4 in the morning.. but I have a squirll in our apartment and we need to get it out because we have a tiny dog and…. I have no idea who to call and your the only 24hr line I have besides 911.. and its not a 911 kind of thing but..” and the guy says “uhm, a squirrle? wow.. thats… different”… lol no shit!! “well, I don’t know who to call or what to do either but I could come and look if you’d like..” PLEASE!! lol he showed up, took a peek, said Yup a baby chipmunk, and then he and my husband played ring around the rosie with this thing for about 15mins or so before my husband nudged it out with a broom. The maintnance man had brought doors and set them up like a giant maze. Worked pretty well with the broom. Where was I? Sitting on the sofa freaking out and lauging at the same time while saying “Hurry!! run!! I’m Vegan, I won’t hurt you… just run!! RUN!” I was totally a cheerleader not a team player.. but whatever, I am a CITY girl, this is the closest I have EVER been to a chipmunk.. to tell you the truth, I dont know if I have ever even seen one before!! but those little fuckers can jump!!

So yeah, THIS was my ‘typical’ saturday night.. and my husband went to bed agreeing that THIS could ONLY happen to us… however, I have NO idea how it got in.. no doors are open, we have a security door and a main door and our apartment door it had to go through if it came in that way… no holes that we can see anywhere in our apartment.. so I am too freaked to sleep and who but us has a camera ready at 4am for pics??

I am a city girl ya’ll!

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very rough weekend!

Posted by Nina on Dec 14, 2006

I don’t even know where to begin with how horrible this past weekend had been… We have a little Yorkie at my parents that had gotten sick… he wouldn’t lift his head up to look at you, he wouldn’t move, he wouldn’t eat, and he wouldn’t drink… well Mum took him to the Emergency Vet.. they ran X-rays and blood tests (both viral and bacterial), checked all of his vitals and found nothing wrong except that he was slightly dehydrated.. his hydration was a 57/50 so it wasn’t enough to be concerned.. they gave her antibiotics just in case and said to take the X-rays and papers to his usual Vet if he didn’t improve..

Well.. he wasn’t feeling any better by morning.. so Mum took him in straight away and they told her they wanted to keep him for a few days because their tests came back showing nothing wrong also but he still wouldn’t eat or drink… so on Saturday we went in to see him and we had to force feed him some canned food and the entire time he was petrified because he has NEVER spent the night away from home before.. He ate about a pouch of food and they agreed that he could come home the next morning.. Well…………….. we went to pick him up and the vet told us the bill came to nearly $200 more than Mum agreed to pay and she had already left them a $200 check the night she left him there.. but they couldn’t find any receipt, they didn’t have the check, and were threatening to hold Ruff if she didn’t pay the $200 again! This is a Vet she has gone to for over 30 years! I WAS FURIOUS! They eventually found they credited someone else’s account with her $200, apologized, and gave us Ruff..

When he got home he ate his treats like usual but wouldn’t touch food.. he kept jumping and looking at his side and crying and we assumed it was the pain patch bothering him that they had placed there.. so we took it off.. then he started crying and whining so we went back for pain meds… then we (Sergey and I) had to make our 3hr drive home… Mum called later and said he actually ate a little and was drinking too! and was resting comfortably………. We were thinking at that point that it had probably been stress since he had NEVER spent the night in a kennel or vets office so this was all quite traumatic for him. The next morning he was 200% better and didn’t need any pain meds and hasn’t since. He is still taking both viral and bacterial antibiotics as a precautionary measure.. however we now think we know whats caused it.. pancreatitis. His symptoms are exactly the same as my cousins dog who had it and wasn’t diagnosed for 10 days in this kind of condition! We have since changed his food and his treats and he gets better each day..

As if that wasn’t enough.. we have a pet fish who has been with our family for 12yrs! Sunday morning he was flipping belly up.. we did everything that I knew how to do.. we changed his water, gave him intestinal parasite medicine, medicated his water under a ‘general cure’, added a new filter, and then placed him back in the tank… at that point we were thinking it was the end for him.. he was swimming about 50/50 right side up / tipping to his side when we left but he was still alive when we got home… the next morning Mum called me to say “you will never believe what happened this morning?” — what? I asked thinking she was telling me about the burial of my fish Moses… instead she gasped.. “That fish splashed me!! he came up begging like crazy for food and hasn’t stopped swimming since!”………….

2 sickly pets in our loving home cured from HORRIBLE illnesses… and for that I am so grateful and thankful!

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Road Trip!!

Posted by Nina on Aug 31, 2006

All the bags are packed, the laptop has been updated with all the necessary files, and all that we are waiting on is for the working day to be over so we can get under way for our anniversary vacation. One full week of pure luxury! I cannot wait! All that is left is to grab dinner and run.

NOTE: To those of you who do not understand how some of us feel like our pets are our children.. move on to the next paragraph.
I hate the thought of leaving Bella for a full week 🙁 I have never left her for that long before.. and to say that she is very attached to me is the understatement of the year. She has anxiety when I leave her so I try to take her with me every where I possibly can.. this time I just can’t.. We are leaving her with my gramma with Ruff, E-V, and Putin (the cat)… She will have someone who will love on her endlessly, throw her ball until she falls over from exhaustion, and a huge back yard to play in.. oh and yes, her very own size swimming pool! I know she will be well taken care of.. but like a good mommy, I am still worried she will be uncomfortable with out us. Grandma says she usually is ok during the day but she looks for me when shes ready for bed (just like at home).. but I am absolutely positive she will have the time of her life at grammas.

I have packed a sweater, 3 or 4 tops, 2 pairs of jeans, 1 pair of dress pants, 4 pair of shoes, and jewelery.. I am thinking of trying on another semi-fancy pants suit just in case.. but then I also know my husband is going to say.. “we aren’t going for that long!! you don’t need so many clothes!!” and he is absolutely right.. but WHAT IF?! I am a Virgo, I can’t help but over plan.. get over it 🙂 I will try to update when I can with pics. So until we meet again..


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Meet Sebastian!

Posted by Nina on Jun 19, 2006

We ended up getting a veil tail beta.. I wanted a crown tail but none of the local pet shops carried them and I didn’t think buying from ebay was a good bet so… I just picked the prettiest one they had. He’s around 4mos (as he has already built a bubble nest). He seems pretty happy! His light already burned out and we’ve had the hood less than a week! Image We need to go back to PetSmart and see if they will replace it (which I’m doubting!) and/or buy a new one.

I ran into Jennifer this weekend.. Those of you who knew me before the wedding will remember, she and her twin were the ones who dropped out of our wedding without being so polite to tell us.. anger and resentment for that has long since passed.. She said she’s moving back to the city where my parents live to a ‘rent to own’ home.. Her baby is 6mos old (she named him Jacob, he looks like the father except he has blonde hair).. I also found out her youngest sister had a baby just recently, his name is Mason and they moved to Pennsylvania.. and Jenny’s twin (Jessica) is also pregnant and due in August.. all had/having boys! This must be the year for boys! No one I have known whos been pregnant or had a baby this year have been girls!

My lack of blogging is due to an uncle being very, very ill. His heart just stopped working.. it was working only 10% of the upper chamber and the lower part wasn’t functioning at all. They told him his only chance of survival was a heart transplant.. but to be put on the list for them you have to have a chemical stress test to prove your heart needs to be transplanted and that you can live through the surgery.. well I don’t know how Dr’s can be so stupid to put someone who’s heart is only working 10% on a chemical stress test! It sounds pretty obvious what the results would be.. and were! He had a very bad heart attack and the Dr’s didnt even inform his heart specialist! When he found it out, he ordered my uncle in to surgery that minute.. they put 2 more stints in his heart and sent him home 2 days later.. he goes back in July 7th for some kind of heart rhythm regulator.. (artificial hearts and pace makers won’t work for his problems we are told).. until then he’s home alone 🙁

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