Tell me again that fat discrimination doesn’t exist?

Posted by Nina on Feb 1, 2008

First of all.. let me just say that I don’t believe for a second this will ever pass.. however, for those of you that think that over weight people aren’t picked on, harassed, or discriminated against — you’re wrong… so very, very, very wrong. If you’re one of the morons laughing amongst yourself at the fat girl eating at the end of your lunchroom table — grow up. Now… let me ask you, does YOUR body mass index say YOU aren’t over weight? Think again…. most people’s BMI are overweight. Then read this carefully…

Tell me again that fat discrimination doesn’t exist?
From Sandy at JunkFood Science:

It has actually happened. Lawmakers have proposed legislation that forbids restaurants and food establishments from serving food to anyone who is obese (as defined by the State). Under this bill, food establishments are to be monitored for compliance under the State Department of Health and violators will have their business permits revoked.

House Bill 282 was introduced in the 2008 Mississippi legislative session on Friday by Representative W.T. Mayhall, Jr., a retired pharmaceutical salesman with DuPont-Merk. Its co-authors are Bobby Shows, a businessman, and John Read, a pharmacist.

Emphasis mine. Also note that the people who penned the damn thing are in a position to benefit from its repercussions, given that “Prescriptions for obesity drugs in 2006 were more than eight times the number prescribed in 1999“.

In the immortal words of, well, me-just-now: “You’ve got to be fucking shitting me.” In more eloquent terms, i think Meowser said it best:

However, I will say that fat hate is one of the last forms of prejudice in which even most people who are subjected to it think they are getting exactly what they deserve.

So for all of you reading this, i want you to ask yourself: should the way you look affect whether or not you’re allowed to eat in public places? Think carefully before you answer that.

ETA: The address to write in protest is that of Rep. Mayhall, and it’s Thanks to The Rotund for that bit of info.

It is illegal to force someone to get on a scale in public, but that didn’t stop Northwest Airlines from trying to force anyone they considered overweight to buy 2 seats on their airlines. Last time I checked, they were in trouble and ticket sales weren’t too hot, I think most local resturants would object highly… most of America is over weight, what would THAT do their businesses?

So let me say this again… are YOU too fat to eat in public? what about your mother? your sister? your aunt? your child? or your spouce? and how does it make you feel that your tax dollars are funding these stupid, pointless, bills? I for one would rather my tax dollars fund a bill that promotes something positive like forcing resturants to provide nutrition information on their menus and forcing them to offer healthy solutions.

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Happy Birthday To ME! — and my RL friends suck.

Posted by Nina on Sep 14, 2007

Yesterday was my birthday. We didn’t do anything special but we did open a bottle of wine and I made cupcakes and ice cream! If you remember my posts in the following years about how shitty my birthdays usually are… well since we did nothing it was great… except.. <rant>I did find out that if I call people on THEIR birthdays or send cards.. I never get one in return.. so I’m thinking to stop at least to those people…only one person called (wtf… my RL friends suck and I need new ones! I didn’t even get an E-Card!) — Christina! <– you were the ONLY person who remembered so of course, you don’t suck. 🙂 I dunno, I don’t generally think its too much to expect your friends to at least phone you and say “hey happy birthday.. I gotta go pick up the kids so I will call you later” or a simple ecard at least!? especially since ONE friend I have known for 27yrs didn’t call me and I called her from California to wish her a happy birthday!</rant>

Anyhoo, nothing on the gift front to report except I got some lovely peach miniature roses from Sergey that I will plant next spring 🙂 I am knitting like crazy on a pair of socks for a sock swap I am involved in.. I have to finish and mail them by the 29th and I have one just almost completed so I think I will be OK. I will post pics when its finished.

I used a modified recipe from here + Vegan Cupcakes Take Over The World.

Vegan Red Velvet Cupcakes w/ Cream Cheese Frosting!

Not the most appetizing photo of ice cream in the world.. but…………………. it was good!

Vegan Chocolate Peanut Ice Cream!

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Snow Sucks!

Posted by Nina on Oct 12, 2006

Uhm… this is October 12th………. I get that I live in Michigan and it’s cold here…. but I can’t EVER remember getting snow before Halloween. There was enough snow that it landed on tops of cars and on our bushes.. and its STILL there! I think I need to invest in a good Russian coat to survive this winter! UGH! I hate snow! 🙁

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Posted by Nina on Oct 5, 2006

There is this 50 something year old woman that I run into almost every night.. lets call her “J”.. J is a woman who is married and running her own jewelery shop.. she seemingly has her life pieced together.. but when she is around the entire atmosphere of the room changes… its instantly like your back in high school and she is bullying and stepping on other people to try and make herself feel better. She acts juvenile on a daily basis.. well one night about a month ago, I told her to stop her shit and apologize to this poor girl she made cry! since then she has gone out of her way to underhand me. Someone old enough to be a GRANDMOTHER should have lived enough in their life to know you don’t treat people like that. PERIOD. ALL people deserve a certain amount of respect, they do not have to earn it.. you respect them because they have made it through life seemingly together and unscathed, the more you get to know them the more the respect builds or diminishes, simple.. This woman disrespects every one, constantly, and has no remorse about that.

She is no different than that girl in junior high that throws shit at the other kids who aren’t deemed ‘as cool’ as she THINKS she is… I hated watching that shit in high school and I hate watching it even more now as an adult happen to my other adult friends. Its pathetic. So, I could really be angry for her trying to get under my skin, but truth is, I feel sorry for her. If she hasn’t found satisfaction at 50-something, I am not sure I believe that she ever will. No matter how many blessings she may or may not have, it is never enough.

I have this friend who we will call “Z”.. Z has just been through a horrific surgery, and while she is over weight, she made the best she could do with the situation, and only managed to gain 7 pounds during the 3 month recovery.. Z tells me last night that J has gone out of her way to make her feel like she isn’t doing enough, isn’t working hard enough, and should be doing more… this makes Z upset, J knows it, and has the attitude like “whatever you know its true”. fuck that! since when is it ANY ONE ELSES business how much weight someone does or doesn’t lose?!

I think J needs a big dose of GROW UP pills, put on her big girl pants, and head to the corner for a lengthy time out.

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Happy Birthday to Me

Posted by Nina on Sep 13, 2006

Seriously.. what the fuck is up with my birthdays? I can’t even remember a birthday that wasn’t drama filled, I didn’t end up sobbing myself to sleep, hanging up on some family member for being an insensitive prick, my dad didn’t walk out, or that my mom didn’t ignore me. I seriously expected this year to be different… not so much because I was older, not because I no longer have ‘parties’.. I guess every year I just pray that the day goes off without a hitch… It’s not even 9:30am and I am already upset, I have hung up on a relative, and have a day full of more ‘fun’ to look forward to. That’s it. I am officially done having birthdays. I don’t want cake, or presents, or cards, or anything next year. Call it an official request. It’s like.. some time after being 5 they decided that I had had enough birthdays and decided to make this “Holy Shit On Everyone” day.

My husband tries and tries and tries to shield me from drama, and make every year better than the last… but I always end up angry and crying over some crazy member of my family… most people only have to worry about aging a year on their birthday… I constantly worry about what drama plans to unfold. Well, I am done. I am not ungrateful for his attempts, I know minor upsets are common and such is life, but I am NOT talking about little spats that your over in 15mins.. I am talking about deep, heart wrenching, horrible things that happen every year… on my birthday.

So.. thats it. No more birthdays. PERIOD! I am too tired and too old for this shit.

UPDATE: A special thank you shout out to my friend Beth lizmybit who told me to ignore my crazy family and have a knock out time with my hubby tonight and screen my calls.. Good advice!!

Sergey came home for lunch with a bunch of beautiful red roses, a balloon, and a card with a cute little Yorkie (who looks like Bella!) wearing a princess crown!! isn’t that the cutest!! So drama aside, I am really very, very, very grateful to have these people who love me.. even when some of the other people who love me suck. ♥♥♥

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customer service in America

Posted by Nina on Aug 15, 2006

First of all, let me begin by saying, when a company has excellent customer service, it is usually a company that excels in the money making department because it says to their customers that they value their business. Pieces of shit companies hire people outside of the US to handle problems IN the US, or hire people with limited education (like first grade drop outs!) to handle important problems. I DON’T WANT TO TALK TO SOMEONE IN INDIA WHEN I HAVE A PROBLEM IN AMERICA! It robs the country of money, people cannot feed themselves or their children, there are no jobs to rehire these people into, and the government is going bankrupt. THAT pisses me off just as much as what happened this afternoon.

When a company like DTE (Detroit Edison and MichCon Electricity, MI) start charging you an additional $170 for gas that you haven’t used in one month, it becomes clear that something is wrong. So you call to request someone to come out and check your meter because you have your hot water tank on low, you haven’t used your washer and dryer for 2 months, and no one has even been living at the house for 2 months — its clear, something is wrong some where. So, you call.. I mean its OBVIOUS some thing has happened since your previous bill was $8! only to get some rude ass, redneck, inbred, irresponsible, moron on the phone who basically bitches at you like its your fault, doesn’t listen to a word your saying, and then screams “YOU HAVE TO PAY IT” and hung up. EAT SHIT! I would have the gas shut off before I pay another dime to some company who hires some one like that into their company. I would rather fork over $500 to a lawyer than pay that girls salary! Ok, I am 26, I can handle a chick bitching at me on the phone, but when someone does that shit to my 75 y/o grandmother, it infuriates me. I have a mind to call them up just to bitch them out.. but you know, that would make me as shitty as them and as far as I am concerned DTE doesn’t deserve to smell my shit, let alone be graced with the privilege of hearing my voice. I’ve urged her to call back and report the woman she just spoke with and demand to speak with a supervisor. I don’t know if she will follow up, but I am hoping she will.

IF you work in customer service, I am sure it is a frustrating job, however, these people pay taxes, these people essentially pay your bills, and YOU need to give THEM a little respect for that! Be pleasant to your customers.. other wise, all you are doing is fueling the fire that all tech/customer support people are morons. If you can’t help them, then send them off to some other person who can.. hanging up on people is rude, classless, and pointless since all it does is make people angry. The way this woman treated my grandmother is unacceptable, unforgivable, and inexcusable.

UPDATE: After calling about 5 more times, they realized that the error was in fact their fault, someone had marked down a 1 on their forms when on the meter was a 0. I don’t know if the operator was written up but they did take the support seriously.

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My Husband Killed My iPod

Posted by Nina on Jul 15, 2006

I have NO idea what he did to it but now it won’t update. Yes, I know it’s old.. its a Gen2 and it is the size of a small alarm clock, weighs like a brick, etc I have heard all the anal retentive things I can about how shitty iPods are.. but the truth is… I LOVE MY IPOD!! He was trying to update it himself and kept pulling the cord in and out and some how broke the connection between the computer and iPod. *sigh* I can still technically use it.. it still plays and charges but what good is it if I can’t update it!? I use this thing for trips and to work out… now what am I gonna do!? 🙁

He has been promising to take a look and try to fix it for a long time now and hasn’t…… if I had broken something of his.. he’d kill me!! I’m so sad. Ok,

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this is me NOT talking about Britney Spears

Posted by Nina on May 11, 2006

Why the hell does every one act so surprised that shes pregnant again!? Seems like all the hard work I put into cleaning up the apartment helped Sergey’s allergies except this morning he woke up sneezing about 100 times which makes me believe its our bed spread and that we should buy a new one. I mean really, all shes ever done is go on and on about how empowering motherhood is for her.. what bothers me now is all these teenagers who look up to all these celebrities popping babies out like last seasons prada bag.. So today I am spending a lot of my time re-doing what I did yesterday in hopes that he can have a night in peace. Last night seemed to work beautifully, he didn’t sneeze once! Do these people not care that young kids look up to them?! Babies are beautiful but they aren’t handbags! I guess it could be said that Britney may be a good mother but.. I’m still waiting for that proof.

I got my new drivers license in the mail yesterday.. it surprisingly isn’t too horrible! Its 200% better than the last time! I don’t know why I waited so long to change my name… but its official now.. I now no longer have a maiden name on my license, credit cards, social security card, or mailbox.. why is it I find that both exciting and depressing?

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USPS Sucks!

Posted by Nina on May 8, 2006

Before I moved, I apparently had the worlds best mailman… he ALWAYS left me notices when I would miss a package with detailed information on where to pick them up.. on the rare occasion he would leave a package, he would put it some where out of sight with a little note on where he left it, mail was always on time, never sent mail to the wrong address, I simply had NO problems.. I WISH I could say that now!

We apparently had 4 small packages attempted to be delivered USPS on Saturday while we were out.. there were NO notices left in my mail box that ANY-THING had tried to be delivered, he didn’t leave the packages at the community center (main apartment security building), and I didn’t even know they came until I checked online at their shipment status! So my husband goes down to the post office to ask what he can do since our lazy mailman didn’t leave any notices telling us we could pick them up, only to be told “uhm, we don’t have any packages for you in our storage facility.. you need to call the supervisor and speak with them.. here’s the number ###-###-####” so he brings me the number and goes back to work.. meanwhile I call them… the guy tells me “there are 4 packages waiting for you at the post office on Michael st. to complain about your mail service is a separate issue, you will need to contact ###-###-####” Mind you THAT is the place my husband has already been!

All postal workers are not morons, my old mailman was terrific, our old post office was very efficiant.. but this Grand Rapids, MI shit is getting old! Leaving a freaking piece of paper in a mailbox doesn’t make your job any harder! This is like the 10th time we have had this happen, only we have always been able to pick up our packages before.. now I am sitting here wondering if our hundreds of dollars of merchandise will be returned to the sender because our mailman is an asshole incompetent. Remind me NEVER to order from again too, since apparently they ship like every item in separate boxes and use USPS as their main shipping source.

Update: My wonderful husband tracked down my packages and didn’t leave the post office until he got them! It must have looked like a scene from one of the Terminator movies… “if its not here…. I’LL BE BACK!” lol but wheeeeeeee their coming home!! *breaths a deep sigh of relief* everything in my world is in balance again… can I get a collective sigh of ohm………..

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Exboyfriend Calls…

Posted by Nina on May 2, 2006

Ok so.. I got married in September ’05.. I didn’t feel the need to put my ex on the guest list.. apparently he JUST found out about the wedding and has been text messaging my GRANDMOTHER! *insert laughing my ass off here* and apparently his last message said something about how he got my email and was replying to tell me he was sorry we couldn’t be together because HE is married. Ok, point being, I NEVER sent him any email, text message, voice mail, letter, or any thing of the sorts. I’m flattered that he still apparently thinks about me after all this time but get a clue!? What the hell did I ever see in that mental patient anyway! And the kicker? He’s a psychologist!

So this whole thing from him is some stupid plan he has to make my husband upset with me.. Dude, if you read this… my husband isn’t jealous or insecure. We love each other. That is why we got married. Instead of making us upset, we sit back and laugh at your stupidity. I doubt your wife (if you really are married) would like that your text messaging an ex-girlfriend. Get a clue. We’re over with — thats what break ups are all about.

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