Alice Rose

Posted by Nina on Jun 14, 2011



She was a craigslist find.. Canadian Production Wheel (CPW), estimated to be a Moise Lemay from 1880-1890. She’s got his signature tension mechanism.The only thing she needs is a wheel peg replacement and a little wax. Iā€™m in love! She spins beautifully!


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Posted by Nina on Nov 29, 2010

Meet my new cookie jar! My husband said to me recently that I never spend my “spending money” on things for our house.. so I went ahead and purchased this cute little piggy jar.. something tells me that he may regret saying that!

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Spinning Wheel Cup Holders!!!

Posted by Nina on Mar 26, 2010


While browsing esty a while back I found this seller who had all kinds of cup holders for all sorts of spinning wheels.. I thought they were a perfect idea for a travel wheel but I was a little leery of buying one because I was afraid the plastic wouldn’t hold up well and a can of pop all over your spinning fiber sounds like a nightmare waiting to happen! BUT!! when I was at the spinning group meeting a few days ago I got to see the cup holder in action on Jenna’s Lendrum wheel.

I got to see that it was sturdy and pretty and didn’t appear to damage the wheel in any way so I went ahead and bought one for my Kromski Sonata. If there was one single thing that could make me love this wheel more than I already do.. this would be it! I purchased it from FBN Plastics and received it within just a few days!

The cup holder is wide enough to fit a variety of bottles and cups/glasses and they also make them with slots cut out of the back for cups with handles. It’s heavy duty plastic and holds up really well. The Sonata’s fits down over the flier base and the knob that holds the flier in place also holds the cup holder so it will not move. Jenna says they can also make them in different colors if you ask them for a custom. I LOVE this little thing!



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Matron of Honor

Posted by Nina on Sep 24, 2009

Matron of HonorOne of my dear friends is getting married!! and to make the news better she has asked me to be her matron of honor!! I am so excited for her and her fiance! She’s currently living out of state but we’ve been chatting online day and night for the past few days picking out wedding stuff. It reminds me of how excited I was to be a new bride. She has already purchased her dress, picked out the venue for the wedding & reception, picked out my dress (see photo), and even picked out the color and style of the flowers.

That’s quite a lot of planning finished already! The best part about her wedding is that it will be totally untraditional and there doesn’t seem to be any usual wedding stress and she hasn’t turned Bridezilla on anyone! It’s exciting! We spent most of the day yesterday talking about hairstyles and head pieces. Mine has been picked out.

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Posted by Nina on Apr 9, 2009

There is this hooping craze walking around Ravelry these days and I drank the water. Not only did Gleek have one, but frecklegirl, and iSeL Knits too! Then I found a few more friends also had them and.. well.. whats a girl to do, but join the club? I figured it would be a fun way to add some core toning into my schedule and it looked like a whole lot of fun! I am not talking about the hula hooping days of childhood.. oh no, I am talking about the super sexy hoop dance.

I kinda suck at it though… and I mean suck hard. I can do all about 3 rotations before it drops. Today’s best has been about 7-10 rotations before it dropped like a ton of bricks. Sergey tried and he’s a natural.. naturally, there really isn’t anything he can’t do… I am sure that my feet and ankles are going to be a beautiful shade of purple tomorrow… but I am no quitter! I will learn to hoop dance… even if it kills me! With that, I’ll leave you with some images of my pretty hoop šŸ™‚ I purchased the wildflower limited edition glow in the dark 43″ hoop from hoopnotica.

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New Table & Chairs!

Posted by Nina on Feb 10, 2009

It’s been a long time since I have posted a real-life post.. and Melyssa mentioned recently how much she missed reading about people’s boring little lives… So here’s my attempt at an update. We had family from Minsk here in October. They spent nearly the entire month with us! I was a little horrified that we didn’t have an actual dinette set in our kitchen to eat breakfast and drink coffee at.. we had this little two seater bistro set that used to live on the patio at our old apartment filling up the dining area in the breakfast nook.. it was functional but when there are 4 adults buzzing around its a little too small. My mother-in-law loved Pier 1 and my father-in-law loved Lowes (they don’t have stores like these in Russia) and both were trying to buy us a small dinette set ..we of course refused.

She made us promise that we would fill that space in the near future.. and I was a little afraid my father-in-law would try to build us one.. I’m seriously not kidding.. he’s the kind of man who has to keep busy from sun up to sunset so he found lots of little projects to keep him busy while he was here.. but I was afraid to send him to Lowes alone because.. Lowes isn’t exactly a great furniture store. Well, we finally did! We ended up getting the 42″ glass top and this black iron base and 4 black chairs. It fits the spot perfectly! This was actually the set my mother-in-law was trying to buy for us! I topped it with a floral arrangement I threw together myself. šŸ™‚

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Vegan Caviar!

Posted by Nina on Feb 8, 2009

I’m quite amazed that this stuff actually exists! I found it while viewing a LiveJournal vegan community.. and one of the comments said that it tastes oddly authentic! I have never tasted real caviar for obvious reasons, so I would have no point of reference but I am dying to try some out! I think I might order a jar and see if it’s really as exciting as everyone makes it out to be. I think I might order the red since it just looks more interesting.. but the only color I have ever seen in person is the black.

Maybe I can get the husband to taste it.. he’s not a vegetarian of any sorts and give a proper review. I wish I had found this earlier! It would have made Valentine’s Day a lot more exciting at our house!

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Vegan Breakfast

Posted by Nina on Jan 24, 2009

Juice & Shredded Wheat w/ Strawberries.

Vegan mug & bowl from VeganDish.
Charming Kitty iPod sock (white video iPod inside) & Hello Kitty speakers.

I own around 20 pieces of VeganDish & Vessels and Wares and I love each and every single piece.. but so far… these are my favorites! šŸ™‚ Seriously! Buy her stuff!

WW: Core / Flex: 4pts

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Free VW Guitar

Posted by Nina on Oct 26, 2006

Click to view the video on youtube

We finally picked up our new car yesterday! We spent all evening at the dealership while they went over every minute little detail in our auto manual………. but we learned we get some sort of free guitar in the mail that plugs into the car stereo… our sales man was so into that guitar he told us if we didn’t want it that he would buy it off of us.. and they are going for $300-$500 on ebay!! We haven’t decided what we will do with ours as of yet, but my husband is completely thrilled out of his mind over his new toy… and its bound to only get worse because his birthday is just 4 days away!! šŸ™‚

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Puppies, Rabbits, and Laundry

Posted by Nina on Sep 27, 2006

Why the hell is it so hard for me to stay focused on diet and exercise under stress?! The kind of food choices I gravitate towards are never good ones when I am under stress. The problem is, my body physically rejects bad food.. my stomach feels like its gripped in a vice, I get nauseous, I have no energy, my horrid sleeping habits return (maybe you like staying awake for 6 days with no sleep, having your eyes twitch, and looking like you could play the lead in Dawn of the Dead… but I don’t!), and I gain weight! All of that makes me feel like crap physically and if I gain weight.. then comes the whole mental mind fuck game.. So why can’t I just pull it together and eat good food!? Since we went away for our anniversary I have had the WORST time getting back on track.. I am gaining and losing the same 8lbs over and over again.

Since we have been gone most of this month, there is a months worth of chores to do.. loads upon loads of laundry, vacuuming, cleaning, organizing, etc.. There isn’t a single room in our apartment that doesn’t need SOMETHING done to it. Bella had a little tummy trouble last night (side effects from anesthesia) so I had to wake up, clean the carpet, wash the bed linens, make sure she ate something, etc… my poor baby!! She was very groggy last night and didn’t really understand what was happening to her, all she knew was her mouth and ears hurt. šŸ™ I let some of her dry food soak in hot water so it would be soft for her to eat this morning.. she ate about 1/2c and I have another 1/2c soaking now for her to eat in a few hours… She is feeling much better today.. sore but much better.

I don’t know if I have blogged about this yet or not(?) but Sergey and I have been looking for a car and we have decided on a VW Rabbit. We went down on Monday to see if we could get the one we are looking for (apparently white is hard to come by!) and the dealership found one at a car port that was coming to Michigan but to mark the car as sold we had to give a refundable deposit and wait for the call to tell us that our Rabbit was ours. We got that call today! šŸ™‚ So we ended up getting the Rabbit with all the features + Sunroof that will arrive to us in 2-3 weeks! I’m excited as this was the first thing we wanted to tackle before we took out a mortgage on a house.. which means we are one step closer to buying!!

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