burger king bows to ugoff

Posted by Nina on Mar 8, 2007


Have you ever had one of those commercials that get stuck in your head.. and no matter WHAT you do, you cannot seem to forget it? This one has plagued me for 3 years! lol I love it and hate it at the same time! I cannot believe I found it on youtube! It’s totally true.. you can find every thing on youtube!


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AMC + Spoiler

Posted by Nina on Feb 2, 2007

Uhm.. wow. I knew there were some psychos on every message board, but today I went peeking around on google to find a spoiler for the next ‘victim’ of my favorite soap.. and I just am AMAZED at what I saw! These people actually seem to think these characters live on after the show ends! “What will happen when little A asks “what happened to grandma and mommy?” oh they died… no! APRIL FOOLS!! Only grandma!” yeah, cause that will happen…. Some of these people are so into the story lines that its just down right crazy!

90% of the topics were about Babe, Kendall, and Dixie. K, I get it.. Dixie is an ‘veteran’ character.. but I have ALWAYS found her story lines to be boring. Yes, I said it, BORING. She is sweet as pie, she never says the wrong thing, she occasionally DOES the wrong thing, but then all is forgiven because she is Dixie — no matter what the drama, it all ends the same. So, I personally, wasn’t even a single bit bothered when they wrote her off the first time, let alone the 20th time. Babe… ah… Google will lead you to about 2000000 hits on why Babe is an “idiot”, how shes too stupid to live, why she should never have been on the show, and why she should be the next victim of the satin slayer…. Well. No, I am not Babe’s #1 fan but I can say she is ALWAYS entertaining. You couldn’t find a more moving or heart breaking story line than Babe & Bianca’s baby switch! Trouble seems to follow Babe, but she does keep the show interesting! Kendall, I love. I would be super sad if she left the show. I love her. PERIOD.

Which now brings me to Kendall. I read somewhere (in the grocery store I think) that she was leaving the show… however, according to things I have read, now that isn’t true? It would make for much more interesting story lines if Kendall died.. the custody battle for Spike between Ryan and Bianca and/or Zack.. So I am no closer to finding the next victim than anyone else! I did read the story line about a double funeral for Dixie + Babe, and that it happens a week from Monday. Josh leaves right after Babe is pronounced dead leaving many fans to wonder if she is really dead or just living it up with Josh on a tropical island until the killer is caught… hmm.

They have been tossing around the Greenlee card a lot lately, especially with Annie looking so much like her, interesting hmm? Remember, Simone knew who killed her because she turned around and said “Oh, It’s you.”…. yeah, Greenlee could be, she has motive, she knew every one, but… I’m not sure I believe its Greenlee . She would blame Zack for every thing that happened to her because he caused the black out leaving Kendall pregnant with Ryans baby… but what is the connection to Zacks mother? Maybe Rodger Smythe (GreenPea’s dad).. Raymond = Roger? I doubt that also. But there are a lot of really interesting rumors about the identity of the Satin Slayer.

Last but not least… Winney went to the grocery store to buy peanut butter (that eventually killed Dixie) and the same time Kenny (a suspect) was shopping…. coincidence? Also looking at when Dani was talking about the killer she said “A..man..” could that mean Amanda? That makes sense too considering her mother is a not job.

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