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Posted by Nina on Apr 28, 2010


I’ve just signed up for my 2nd year at Hogwarts (aka. HPKCHC)! Last term I had very little time to do anything but knit… and I literally finished my OWL on the very last day of term! This time.. I am going to plan my time much better and get everything done on time! I will not be having sleepless nights this term, oh no, I will be budgeting my time much better!

This term there will be spinning, there will be weaving, and there will be lots of knitting and crocheting! What you see in the photo above is my OWL proposal.. this year I will be attempting (and succeeding!) in a Care of Magical Creatures OWL by hatching a dragon! Do you see my trusty book that I have borrowed from Professor Hagrid? I will be hatching a Siberian Ice Crest dragon.. more on this later.. but I give you my swatch!


What? Stop laughing! It’s going to be a dragon! REALLY! IT IS!!! That is it’s head… oh dear, I am really not helping matters here any, am I? Just trust me, it’s a dragon.

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Posted by Nina on Apr 23, 2010


Here are the first few photos of my very first woven scarf. I am pretty happy with how well it came out.. the salvage edges could be a little better but not bad for a first try I think. I chose some cheap acrylic Caron yarn to make it up since I didn’t know if my first weaving would even be wearable.. but to my surprise it came out pretty even and after being washed, it’s very soft!

The warp was set with a matching powder pink yarn and weft with a multi color pastel rainbow yarn.. the sun really picks up the pink so the bottom 2 photos are the most color accurate. Now it makes me wish I wore more pastels or had anything it went with!




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