October in Review

Posted by Nina on Nov 19, 2010

October was a pretty busy month for me! I can’t believe everything I managed to finish! I knit a lot of baby hats for a newborn session I had during the middle of the month! I finished this one while waiting for the mom to get ready for her session when she called and asked me to give her a little extra time.

Then I finished up this adorable little dot hat.. I had just purchased a pom maker and decided to top the hat with a huge funky pom. It’s a little large for a newborn but that is kind of the look I was going for.. over-sized. 🙂 I have a tea cup prop that I am also hoping to get to try out this little hat with! I think it will be a perfect match!

Since the baby was due in October, I figured nothing said fall like pumpkins so I made a little pumpkin hat! He was so adorable in it and it fit him perfectly! Isn’t this one little pumpkin you’d love to bring home?!

One of the women in our knitting group was expecting and we organized a sampler blanket for her.. we each knitted a square or two and sent them off to a someone who stitched the blanket and sent it on.. Here’s my squares (only the gray one in this photo was used, I sent a golden snitch square for my second. I kept the white and gray one for future projects)!

Not everything in October was baby knitting though! A while back I made a porom out of white sparkly yarn.. well it turns out the sparkly yarn is itchy! so I have made another and this time I am using a DK weight.. it’s much softer but not very warm.. but I love it none the less! It’s made from a sea blue-green tweed yarn.. and I just love it to bits! The color however, is very hard to photograph in doors.

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Newborn Props & Stuff

Posted by Nina on Jun 28, 2010

My favorite sessions are almost always newborn sessions.. There is just something so fun about brand new parents and teeny tiny little babies, and most parents are eager to let you put them in cute little costumes and funny hats. I’ve had a lot of little boys born this year so I needed plenty of gender neutral props so I started with this cute little hammock.
It’s a perfect prop for newborns. They just fit in the center and there isn’t a lot of fabric for the baby to get lost in. Most of my props that moms choose are neutral colored so I decided to keep this hammock in creams and browns. I do want to knit a couple more in different colors and possibly add some fringe to them.

Next is this adorable little pea pod! How cute is this!?!? I finished this set right before this newborn session only to find that the father hates peas with a passion! It was a total coincidence but we used it anyway! I am sure this is one sweet pea that the father will love… or so I hope!


Last but not least are these adorable little baby booties! They look like little moccasins with socks inside but they aren’t! These aren’t photography props, they were a gift for my client turned friend’s brand new little boy. They are quite possibly the cutest baby booties ever! Oh and see that throw the baby is laying on? The mom hand spun the yarn and hand wove the fabric. Yes, she’s that talented!

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So… uhm… yeah

Posted by Nina on Jun 3, 2008

This isn’t one of those no blog, blogs.. I promise… I just haven’t really had anything to write about :/ I kept waiting for some new topic to come but it hasn’t….. so I guess I will just give a brief update and a promise to write more in the not so distant future.. I’ve been booked for a wedding in October, a handful of engagement and children shoots through out the Summer, we’re looking to buy a house, I have lost a few pounds, and I have decided to buy a new camera.

Oh, and I have finally released my website. http://www.ninastoma.com

So in the midst of all of that… I spend my days doing the normal house-wife stuff, image processing, and a whole lot of World of Warcraft… a lot more than I’d truly like to admit to… I never thought of myself as a gamer.. that is until I met World of Warcraft….. you know it’s bad when you’re sleeping and you even dream of playing!

Soooo… that’s where I’ve been and what I’ve been doing 🙂 To see images from the photo shoots, check out my website and blog there.. camera info will be added later.

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CONTEST: Are You A Red Wing Hockey Fan?

Posted by Nina on Apr 7, 2008

We’re looking for one family of Red Wing hockey fans in the Grand Rapids or Dearborn Michigan area to photograph!

– Must have a Red Wings jersey!
– Must be a Red Wings fan!
(We can supply an adult sized jersey, 0-3mos jumper, or 3T cheerleading costume if needed).

Winners will receive ONE free photography session!

Men, Women, Boys, Girls, Infants, etc all accepted.
This could even be a free engagement session!

Email for your chance to win! 🙂 Contest ends on April 30, 2008.

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Maternity Photo Session

Posted by Nina on Apr 3, 2008

I had a wonderful time working with these two! He couldn’t take his eyes off of her and he really wanted to be involved in the whole process. Such a wonderful feeling to see two people as in love as these two. Congratulations on your up and coming arrival B&C! I can’t wait to do your newborn pics.

Everyone seems to really like this photo.. I have mixed feelings about it.. I love the color, I love the pose.. but I wish her hair wasn’t in her face. 🙁

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Photography & Model Contracts (Important!)

Posted by Nina on Feb 25, 2008

I have been putting off making my professional portfolio for quite some time.. I was never quite sure if I wanted to actually take the steps into turning my hobby into a profession… I have finally decided that, yes, I do. It wasn’t until I heard my husband saying quite a few of his co-workers are interested in seeing my portfolio when asked for examples — I had none!

So, this is my first step in actually becoming a certified professional. What does this mean? I will no longer shoot events without signing a model release. This basically just means that any photograph I shoot, I may be able to use in my portfolio. Nothing more and nothing less. 🙂

My online portfolio will be availible for vewing soon. I have 2 shooting locations, Downriver, MI and Western, MI areas. Photographs by appointment only.

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